Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I forgot to tell yall that Bear had to get stitches! We were getting ready for church and the boys were playing in our closet and he fell into our little step ladder and cut his face into his lip. He had to get 4 stitches but they were only in for a week, he is one tough kid! We learned he really really really hates to be held down and now he isn't too fond of doctors. Dang it. But it has healed so well and you can hardly tell now!

Our happy Valentines Day...I was getting a little frustrated cause Bailey wouldn't take a serious picture with me...oh well what do I expect right?
I have to go to work but I will try to upload more pictures later!

Spring here we come!

K sorry as usual to all the family and friends who have complained that I haven't updated my stinkin blog...here you go!
I just never have time to get on here...two kids remember. Oh yeah and now two dogs! Bailey bought me a new puppy for Valentines Day! Total surprise! She is also a Boston Terrier...like Petey if you didn't know we had him. She is so pretty Seal/brindle and white. I couldn't for the life of me think of a girl name so Jace named her Nilla Wafer after his favorite snacks. Silly boy!
Um I don't really know what to write, things are great here. Bailey and I are doing really well. He still works at UPS and also does our business. I am working part time at Barnes & Noble which I freaking love! It is the easiest, funnest jobs EVER! The pay sucks but all the books I can read, a break from the house cleaning, and diaper changin, man it is so worth it!
Speaking of diaper changing etc, Bear and Jace are doing really well. Jace finally finished basketball at the YMCA, Bailey was the coach and he did such a great job with the kids! They won every game except two...our rivals but their coach was a jerk who was a poor loser and cheated! YES cheated! We beat their team the first time we played them and the next time he talked a lot of what the kids call crap :) and ended up magically getting two more boys who I think were older, on his team. Plus another mom told me one of the kids played for a different team so he played for two teams just because the coach was a snake and hated losing! Anyways, it is over now thank goodness because the drama with that guy just wasn't worth it. Jace had fun and Bailey enjoyed it too, that's all that matters!
Bear started walking soon after his first birthday in January and he is just so dang big and cute! I really think he is going to be our tall kid, he is huge! Poor Jace needs to get his big brothering in while he can because I think Bear will be able to take him here in another year or two...we will see!
They have so much fun playing I am so happy that we have two boys! It has been perfect! The weather has also been really nice so they have been playing outside on their swing/treehouse set for the last few weeks and it has been a lot of fun. They have picnics on the little table pretty much everyday! Last week it was so nice that we filled the little pool up and Jace was swimming for a few hours. (Bear was taking a nap)
I am so happy that summer will be here soon, my goals are to go to the gym everyday during the week and leave from there to go straight to the water park, which we got season passes for Christmas. THANKS! :) So hopefully when we come up in July I will be in shape and tan tan tan!
Can't wait!
If anyone wants to keep in touch better, I have email on my iPhone and check it all the time...
calijo03@yahoo.com I am also on facebook. I will try and be better about updating though. It is just hard with a kid who is constantly saying "watch me mom", (Jace) and one who wants to sit on my lap at the computer and play with the mouse and bang the keys on the keyboard...guess who?> BEAR! Silly kids seriously! The only reason I have a minute of peace is because Bailey felt sorry for me and took the boys to the gym with him so he could work out and I won't be a crazy person!
What a sweetie uh?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We went to the Texas State Fair together as a family, oh man was that fun!

This is in a bounce house at a pumpkin patch

Jace as Micheal Scofield from Prison Break...don't ask, he loves that show and wanted to be him so bad! And Bear as of course a monkey...that's my nickname for him because of his cute ears!

This is Jace's football team singing him happy birthday, we got him a batman cake and it was so cute watching the kids sing to him.
Bear's first Thanksgiving...he loved all the food as you can see. Bailey did all the cooking except for the stuffing...that was all me baby! I know I suck!
But yeah as you can see I am not kidding about Bear being a little piggy this was his third helping!
I have a ton more pictures maybe if this finally works I will put more on later!

Winter Wonderland

So yeah Texas winters are so great...no snow, it was actually like 55 today but this weekend it is supposed to get to 75, just crazy! I really love it here though I don't miss freezing my buns off or trying to drive on ice in blizzards.
I do miss all my family and friends though, especially now that it is getting close to Christmas! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! So much has happened in my life. Bear Bear, one of the biggest changes. He is such a sweet little guy. He is so goofy, I can't believe the personality coming from that little guy, I thought Jace had it but I really do think Bear is worse! He has so much attitude and gets frustrated so fast and is bossy and also is very sweet. My Jacers loves his little brother, it is so cute seeing them play together and Jace helps him! I can't believe he is four and Bear is almost one. Man if is really just hitting me all of a sudden, they really do grow up so fast!
So news with us....I am working part time at Barnes & Noble, pretty much so I can have some adult interaction and give Bailey some special alone time with the boys. It has been so great! I really love working again, especially since it is only like 3 nights a week and it is pretty much the easiest job in the world! I love to read and we get a great discount on books and can even check out hardcovers to read and return when we are done...that is if my kids don't mess them up! They haven't gotten a hold of one yet :)
Bailey is also working at UPS during the winter while the business is slow, so we are trying to stay busy!
Jace is playing flag football right now! Oh my gosh it is the funnest thing ever to watch! The kids are so little and cute! Running around not really knowing exactly what is going on! It's flag but usually they end up tackling a few times which is funny also. Jace is the center and his little buddy who is our neighbor is the running back so they have a lot of fun playing together and practicing. I will have to take a bunch of pictures and put them on here.
Bear like I said is so close to walking. He finally got his front teeth in and he is such a doll! He is just a little piggy, he no longer like any kind of baby food, he wants to eat like a man! He really can put it down too, the other night Bailey fed him noodles, a banana, a yogurt, and a string cheese! Freaking kid is going to eat us out of house and home! :) He has turned out to be a totally easy baby as long as he gets what he wants!
We are all doing really good but we miss everyone!
I don't really know how to blog too well but I get email on my iPhone so my personal email address is calijo03@yahoo.com if anyone wants to stay in touch that way!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cleaning up and Cooking like crazy!

Jace made a haunted halloween ginger bread house it was so much fun, he made the biggest mess! He was being so silly he loves to tease everyone especially his daddy, he made me write on the ginger bread house, "Daddy loves the Steelers!" Little stinker!! Other pic Jace and Bear being cool dudes with their sunglassees. We had to clean out the freaking garage cause it was such a huge mess! So Jace and Bear were out "helping" us. Jace was getting into EVERYTHING we were trying to get rid of a bunch of his old toys and he was going through the bag and getting all excited about all his old toys, so it was an adventure! We have been baking like crazy it has been really fun! Jace loves to bake and help in the kitchen he gets so excited! We made cupcakes last night and he made me write on them one for Daddy and one for Dexter, Bai's said "Go Cowboys" and Dex's was "Go Steelers." silly boy! Bear likes to cook too cause then he gets to eat! Last night he ate a whole bananna, two containers of baby food, and two cup cakes! Little piggy! Bailey is also mister Chef lately today he is making twice baked potatos, ribs with special secret sauce, and home made onion rings! Yeah I am going to get fat! I have lots of funny, kind of gross stories about the boys but I need to bake my apple crisp so maybe I will tell them later...just to give you a taste, Jace went poo and Bear is an olympic crawler and before Bai could get in to flush the toilet Bear had made it there and started playing in poo, so gross uh? Bai was freaking out it was pretty funny actually, especially since it was Bai who gaggs over that kind of stuff. Welcome to a mom's world uh?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Beginnings

I love looking at everyone's pictures and blogs and everyone has been bugging me to get one, so here we go! Sorry if it isn't up to parr but I am a beginner! If you guys have any tips or hints on what to do to make mine look better let me know!